Nixon's Left Nipple

was once falsely accused of defrauding the elderly in a mail scam


So ... let me get this straight. You don't believe in religion yet you believe in gays. Change your name because you are a disgrace. Libertardians need to stop associating with OUR party. Go off and fraternize with the libtards because we want no part of you.


I was really going to take my time and find a good reaction gif but…


fuck this guy. People like anon are why the Republican party is in disgrace today. And religion has no place in government. Nothing will ever change that fact. 


How my parents fell in love

fun facts: My parents worked together. My mother saw my father for the first time while he was hung over in the back of a tour bus (my parents were international tour guides) in Spain. On the tour were my mother’s parents and many of their friends. My mother says she hated my father on sight. My dad said he fell in love with her the first moment he saw her. Two weeks of shepherding old people around a foreign country later, my dad convinced my mother to kiss him in the back of the taxi on the way to the airport. Four years later, many of the same people on that tour saw my parents get married. 


Hey. remember that fad of wearing skirts over pants?

What a truly dark time in our nation’s history.